A YouTuber reportedly attempted to leave a bar without paying, instead claiming he deserved to be paid for advertisement for the business.

Earlier this month, Spanish YouTube personality Borja Escalona, who runs Escalona TV, received backlash for allegedly trying to get out of paying for two empanadas at A Tapa do Barril, a restaurant located in Porta do Sol, Portugal.

He reportedly attempted to leave the restaurant without paying, but his server stopped and told him he needed to pay roughly $2 USD for the first empanada he ate.

Video of the moment was captured during the YouTuber's livestream and shared online, where it went viral.

The footage shows Escalona arguing with the server, telling her he would typically charge a business roughly $2,500 USD for social media promotion, according to a translation per Oh No They Didn't. He adds that he only eats at restaurants for free and tells her to expect an invoice for "promo."

"Do I have to pay you? Well, then I have to charge you for this promotion that I just did," he says, according to La Vos de Galicia.

"You are threatening me. You are telling me that you are going to send my boss an invoice," the staff member responds.

"Do you think I have threatened you? Have you felt threatened at any time?" he asks her, to which she replies he threatened her "as soon as you told me that you only ate things for free and you were not going to pay."

"And that's a threat? I think that is an explanation, it is part of the negotiation with the company," he retorts, to which the server notes she cannot make a decision on behalf of the business and that there was no agreement made before he consumed the food.

Watch below:

Escalona eventually paid for the empanada, according to Gizmodo. He also later released an apology for his tantrum.

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