Ready to scream, Directioners? Then go check out the personal (and reinstated) Twitter profile of One Direction cutie Zayn Malik. He's shirtless.

The singer, who deleted his Twitter after some drama and nonsense that tried to make it like he cheated on his girlfriend and then promptly re-activated it, shared a semi-shirtless photo of himself, which he then made his profile pic.  Doesn't he look just so romantical, with that blond stripe in his hair and averting his gaze? Imagine that he is looking at you like that? We can't even handle it. Swoooon!

Now that you've all screamed your lungs raw and bloody, and stole several glances at a shirtless and sexy Zayn, make sure you follow his personal Twitter feed, if you don't already.

Malik posted the pic, and asked: "Profile pik?" He then decided to use it as his photo, for all his female fans to see and gawk at.

Granted, it's not like we're getting a full, buff body shot of Malik. You just get a look at his neck, shoulders and the top of his chest, but we know, we know. It's good enough.

How many Directioners are following Malik on Twitter?

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