'Glee' will kick off Season 3 on September 20, and we're expecting it to be the biggest yet. Not only are our favorite New Directions (and friends) gearing up for their senior year at McKinley High, but the hit show is promising to go "back to basics" with their cover tracks, so we're anticipating a few curveballs. Additionally, with the end of high school nearing, FOX will take us deeper into the lives of Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, Artie, Mike Chang, Brittany and the whole 'Glee' gang.

PopCrush grabbed a handful songs that we're just dying to hear on 'Glee' this season and sandwiched them between the upcoming plot lines, so really, Ryan Murphy doesn't have to do much. Perhaps he should even thank us? As the kids' lives change on the show, so will the beats of the songs, so we hit all over the board -- from country, to rap, to oldies -- with our picks. Check out our list of the songs we hope to hear in Season 3, and let us know which songs you want to hear on FOX this fall!

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    'Not Over You'

    Gavin DeGraw

    When Season 2 of 'Glee' drew to a close, it left us hanging with a lot of open-ended questions ... Like, if Chord Overstreet isn't going to be a regular in Season 3, and Mercedes is supposed to get a new man, why were they holding hands in the finale episode? We're understandably distraught, as we were expecting a budding romance this fall. Seeing how they've been ripped apart without much explanation (yet, anyway), we bet they're still struggling for answers, also. That's why Gavin DeGraw's latest single about not being able to get over someone is a perfect fit for a Sam/Mercedes duet.

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    'No Such Thing'

    John Mayer

    Puck doesn't take crap from anyone. This school year, while everyone else is making big plans for their lives, the McKinley High rebel will gear up to give them all the middle finger. Even with Lauren Zizes by his side, Puck does his own thing, and that's what makes him such a great character. Honestly, we'd love if he'd resuscitate John Mayer's 2001 mega-hit with a 'Glee' spin, because it's always the underdogs who come out on top -- and this anthem lays the foundation for our favorite bad guy to come back with a vengeance.

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    Peaches & Herb

    Finally, after too many episodes and far too many women, Will has found his way back to the woman he's supposed to be with: Emma. It may be cheesy, but we'd just die to see the pair of teachers rock the Peaches and Herb classic together, because we think it perfectly fits their situation. This fall, they'll finally rekindle their romance, just like us gleeks have been dreaming for since day one -- pre-Uncle Jesse. We just hope the glee kids don't get nauseous from all of the gooey-sweet sickness that a duet like this would bring.

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    Fiona Apple

    Quinn has been a bad, bad girl. She used Finn to sabotage Rachel, which ultimately, led to her own demise. Now she's coming to terms with it. Fiona Apple's 1997 chart-topper elicits those deep feelings of regret that Quinn is too afraid to admit, and it oozes sex to boot, just like our favorite evil cheerleader. We can totally picture her slinking across the floor in tears, all alone as she lays this one down, pink hair and all.

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    'How to Love'

    Lil Wayne

    After Artie called Brittany stupid in the 'Prom Queen' episode, we were sure that things would never be the same again between them, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a Season 3 to bring them closer than ever. We know that wheelchair-bound geek has a heart of gold, so we're holding out that he can win his ditzy cheerleader over once again, perhaps by giving her a lesson in 'How to Love.' This Lil Wayne tune was out of left field for the rapper, but given the acoustic guitar, low vocals, and from-the-soul honesty, we think it's right up Artie's alley.

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    Zac Brown Band

    Finally, Kurt has found his way back to McKinley High, and finally, he's found a love that he's not afraid to sing about. For two seasons we watched the openly gay character struggle with bullying and finding himself, which ultimately led him to leave schools for Dalton Academy in Season 2. One great thing came of that, though, and that was Blaine. Now that they're openly together and in love, Klaine can walk into Season 3 arm-in-arm with this country hit song about being free to "do all the things that lovers do."

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    'Kids in America'

    The Muffs

    Sure, Damian McGinty of 'The Glee Project' is walking onto the 'Glee' set as a foreign exchange student, but given that he's shacking up with Brittany's family this semester, we think he'll be welcomed with open arms. If you've ever seen 'Clueless,' then you will recognize this track, and we think it's a great fit for the Irishman's character, Rory. It epitomizes the life of an American teenager, especially one living the glee club life in middle of nowhere, Ohio. Welcome aboard, new kid!

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    'Just a Kiss'

    Lady Antebellum

    We're no psychics, but we can predict that if things will work between Mercedes and her Season 3 boyfriend Marcus, she's going to have to get over Sam, and that means taking it slow with the new guy. Lady Antebellum's 2011 single about taking things one step at a time encompasses how we're feeling about Mercedes getting involved with this newcomer. Will Marcus be the one that Mercedes has been waiting for her whole life? We'll have to wait and see. For now, we think they'd duet 'Just a Kiss' perfectly, but they'd better not take it any further than that. It is prime time television, after all.

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    Demi Lovato

    Sue's unofficial job title is to ruin the glee kids' lives, and that's one of the plot lines that keeps the 'Glee' reels turning week after week. Still, we're always rooting for the little guys, and we know that her constant belittling gets them down. This fall, we'd love to see New Directions pull together an ensemble version of Demi Lovato's rise-above emotional single, 'Skyscraper.' While the song was written to mend a more serious ailment, the beaten down, get back up again aspect of it really fits our favorite high school glee club's trials and tribulations. No matter what happens, they will always come out on top, "like a skyscraper."

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    Sara Bareilles

    When we left Rachel in the Season 2 finale, where her life was headed was still uncertain. Sure, she kissed Finn on stage at Nationals and told him she loved him, but ultimately decided to find herself on a new 'Uncharted' path to the Big Apple. Whether or not she'll head towards Broadway is unknown, but we do know that we have no idea what's next on the agenda for the 'Glee' star-of-the-show. When Sara Bareilles sings, "I've too much to hold, everybody has to get their hands on gold, and I want uncharted," before leading into the big-and-bold chorus, we can't help but see Rachel in front of the crowd like the (confused) star that she is. She's destined for big things, but it all starts with charting her path with help from this hit song.

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