When Parachute frontman Will Anderson sings "Young hearts go crazy / With the sound of something new," he wasn't kidding. The group's latest single, 'Hearts Go Crazy,' is a bit of a departure from their prior material on 2009's 'Losing Sleep' and 2011's 'The Way It Was,' but that's not a bad thing at all.

The Virginia-based band are embracing a poppier sound on the tune, evoking the Wanted in their harmonies and beats. The only things missing are British accents and a feud with One Direction.

In the opening verse, set to a more sparse arrangement than the rest of the track, Anderson and Co. sing of the rush from new, young love and lust: "I want your love, I want your heart / They try so hard to keep us apart / They say I will treat you bad / But I’ma be the best thing you've ever had / I’m gasoline and you’re the spark / You set me off here in the dark / In your kiss / Your fingertips / You get too close / We'll be burning out of control / Young hearts go crazy / Just do what you came to do.

The track is from the band's upcoming, as-yet-untitled third record, and it's Anderson's favorite off of the album so far. You can hear why: the vocals are superb, the hook is indelible and the arrangements are impeccable.

The song hit radio Monday (Feb. 25). If you love it as much as we do at PopCrush, you can buy the single here.

Listen to Parachute, 'Hearts Go Crazy'