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For those of you who follow Parachute on Twitter or watch their 'TV Episodes' on YouTube, you're aware of their humorous antics. For those of you who aren't familiar… get ready to be amused with this segment of Pop the Question.

Equally hilarious, Will Anderson, Johnny Stubblefield, Alex Hargrave, Kit French and Nate McFarland met in college; and as Alex remembers it, after winning Battle of the Bands, they performed with "it" college alt-rock band O.A.R.

Now the Virginia-based rock group is riding off their pop-y single 'Hearts Go Crazy' and carefully culling their best work from a pool of 55-penned(!!) songs. Their currently-untitled third studio effort will be followed by a headlining tour in the fall… so expect new music. Soon.

But back to Pop the Question, guys. All five of 'em were asked to throw darts at balloons stuffed with slightly awkward questions. Rule of thumb: If you pop it, you have to answer it!

Collectively, their aim may not have been consistent, but their comedic timing was dead-on. (For hilarious hit-and-miss attempts, watch Johnny's dart throwing.)

Will was up first, talking about his first (and only) job and the unfortunate tasks that went along with it. His band also gets him to admit that he stole popsicles. Random!

Next up is Kit, who must admit his biggest pet peeve. He facetiously blurts out, "Other than Nate?"

Alex reveals their craziest college moment, and Johnny must explain his underwear of choice. Nate gets the question: "Who would play you in a movie about your life?" His answer includes two famous guys that couldn't be more polar opposite.

Grab some popcorn and watch this on repeat. Oh, and check out some great pics below, as well!