Parachute's long-awaited 'Overnight' album arrives at retailers tomorrow, Aug. 13, and PopCrush is giving listeners another sneak peek of the album right now with the exclusive premiere of the track 'Disappear.'

The acoustic ballad opens with soft guitar strumming and also incorporates piano after frontman Will Anderson begins singing. The heart of the tune is Anderson's gentle hook, "And I know I don't know much / But I know that a man feels many things / It's a fleeting urge to run / Like a bird flying by on a summer breeze / Like the sound of a train if you're listening / It just fades in... then it disappears."

When Anderson pauses during that final line, it feels as though drums are about to kick in and crank up the volume of the track, but instead the familiar quiet melody returns. The intimate nature of 'Disappear' makes it a song that fans are likely to sing along to in concert.

Parachute fans have now heard quite a few songs from the group's new album. In June, we premiered the music video for 'Can't Help,' and last week we unveiled the up-tempo track 'Drive You Home.' If you haven't pre-ordered 'Overnight,' you can still do so on iTunes. The record is the first for the Virginia-based band since 2011's 'The Way It Was,' which cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 album chart.