In this exclusive video interview, pop rockers Parachute reveal that they wrote their new record, which is their third full-length and is due out this fall, in two distinct ways.

They penned it almost entirely on the road and in Nashville, a city where, as frontman Will Anderson says, "people write music for fun." We can't imagine a better scenario for creating art, and Parachute took full advantage of that vibe and energy.

"To be in a place where that's the case forced me to start writing every day," Anderson said. "The amount of songs we had for this record is pretty insane. I wrote 55 songs for us and then a ton of songs for other people."

That kind of prolificness made him fear that he might lose inspiration, but instead, he kept on truckin'.

The band also culled from a variety of influences this time out, with the singer admitting that they looked to country, hip-hop and pure pop music when writing. Ultimately, for Parachute, it doesn't matter what genre inspires or influences them. The most crucial and critical element is the song itself -- classifications be damned.

"As long as the song is great, you can do whatever you want with it," Anderson said. "As long as it has our choices, our mentality and intuition, then I feel it is going to be Parachute no matter what."

Grab the new single 'Can't Help' here.