Tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice‘ saw the elimination of more contestants — two from Adam Levine‘s team and two from Cee Lo Green‘s team — as well as live performances from each of the four teams. Now each team has only two members left, and four more contestants will be eliminated on tomorrow night's results episode.

We can't even predict how this will go, since the coaches have some incredibly talented charges on their teams. America has all night to vote, so here's the PopCrush recap so you can cast your phone ballot with a refreshed memory, as well as fairly and accordingly.

Dia Frampton: Blake Shelton acknowledged that she doesn’t just sing; she has a vision. She took some creative license with her version of R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion.' Shelton certainly feels an affinity for her. (Watch Here)

Xenia: Shelton took a risk by giving the shy 16-year-old Xenia a chance. He treats her like his little sister and, well, it's endearing. It's clear she's still a kid and turns in imperfect performances, but her voice is still unique, her movements graceful and her tone is unforgettable. She sang The Script's 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved,' and we were moved. (Watch Here)

Frenchie Davis: Christina Aguilera had Frenchie sing the 1989 Madonna ballad, 'Like a Prayer.' It was definitely in her wheelhouse, which caused Shelton to say that her performance was a giant middle finger to anyone who doubted her. (Watch Here)

Beverly McClellan: Bev showcased her bluesy, piano playing song with B.B. King's 'The Thrill is Gone.' She sang like she had the blues for the past 20 years. After her performance, Aguilera admitted Bev is one of the reasons she is thankful she signed onto the show, since McClellan can bring it down. (Watch Here)

Javier Colon: Javier earned America's save and he's been a fan favorite since the day we met him; Of course tackling the Coldplay favorite 'Fix You' made us love him even more. (Watch Here)

Casey Weston: Adam Levine decided to give her a second chance, asking her to tackle a Whitney Houston/ Dolly Parton staple, but make it her own. Despite their friendly banter, Weston owned  'I Will Always Love You' with her angelic vibrato. (Watch Here)

Vicci Martinez: Cee Lo Green said America has great taste when she was saved. Martinez tackled 'Dog Days Are Over' by Florence + The Machine, and ripped it -- with her fierce faux hawk and the way she bounded around on the stage. Shelton said it was like gas and a lit match on the stage. (Watch Here)

Nakia: Wearing a white suit and clearly out of his comfort zone, Nakia performed Adam Lambert's 'Whataya Want From Me' and made us ask, "Adam who?" Levine even said "I bet you sing it better than the person who originally sang it." Cee Lo told him, "I want you to win." So do we. Yeah, we said it. (Watch Here)