Supergroups are incredibly common in the rock genre, but not so much in pop music. In the pop world, it's all about features and guest spots on single songs, whereas rockers often make whole albums. Regardless, we took it upon ourselves to create and mastermind 10 Awesomely Awkward Supergroups -- since we're good like that.

The "groups" feature rock bands and pop singers. Some of these may sound like terrible ideas on paper, we know. But we're optimistic that the execution would be awesome. There's too much talent for these not to be rad.

Stay with us, seriously.

Pop diva Katy Perry + Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell... What an alt pop partnership that would be. Cute? Yep. Candy-coated? Perhaps. Quirky? Um, yeah...

Cute boy banders One Direction could collide with mosh metallers Five Finger Death Punch. This pairing would ultimately terrify Directioners, we know. But it's still fun to imagine.

Heavy metal's biggest and best band Metallica would get a total Ri-vamp with the addition of Rihanna in its ranks.

As if Lady Gaga wasn't "mega" enough already. Mama Monster meets Dave Mustaine and Megadeth for "Megagaga," which we predict would go on to be the biggest band... EVER.

What a colorful collabo it would be if that rebel diva Pink joined Green Day. We'd be celebrating Pink Day every day...we think.

Ghost B.C. are famous for their mass-like concerts, which we'd like to see Taylor Swift preside over. She'd look so good in papal-inspired attire, a true good girl gone Ghost.

Once again, that crushing crew known as Five Finger Death Punch are known for their masculine metal anthems, so pairing them with Maroon 5 could give them a softer side, thanks to Adam Levine's falsetto. Right?

Justin Bieber isn't merely a teen idol. He could should off his musical chops by joining prog icons Dream Theater. Their music is complex and The Biebs could gain some rock cred -- and perhaps that Grammy he covets -- by getting his Dream Theater on.

We'd leave it to Bruno Mars and Jared Leto to battle it over for lead vocalist supremacy in this pairing.

We don't care... we love it. The "it" being Icona Pop mashed up with low end rockers Korn.

Photoshop credit: Kristy Puchko