We are freaking out about the highly anticipated release of Insurgent this week — the second installment in the Divergent franchise starring Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller and mega hottie Theo James.

Now, we could easily come up with 101 reasons why we want to lock lips with gorgeous Theo in real life, but we wouldn’t be doing him justice without gushing over the man that leads our obsession in the first place: his character Tobias "Four" Eaton, the wise and reluctant-to-lead Dauntless member.

In the spirit of celebrating the release of what is undoubtedly going to be our favorite movie of the year, here are 10 reasons why Four would totally make the best boyfriend.

  • 1

    He gives the best kisses.

    There's really no way of getting around how beautiful this man is, and the moment when he and Tris finally kiss totally proved that. Like, who doesn't want to be kissed by Four, and have their bodies taken away by Four, and have other things done to them in the arms of Four? No one, that's who. And in case you were wondering, Tris, yes, we're still super jealous of you even to this day.

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  • 2

    He'll protect you.

    One thing a boyfriend should always do is protect the one he loves, and that pretty much goes without saying when it comes to Four. He's pretty tough on Tris sometimes, but that's because his love for her is so real that he doesn't want her to ever be put in serious danger. When you threaten the beloved of someone who's as hot tempered as he is, you're bound to get a nasty taste of those combat skills.

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  • 3

    He values trust and loyalty over everything.

    One of Four's best traits — besides those chiseled muscles and charming looks — is his unbending loyalty. Four makes for the best boyfriend because he would never lie to you (not even if it were for "your own good," whatever that means) because it's not in his character to be dishonest. That's something we can all appreciate.

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  • 4

    He’s fearless.

    We love Four so much because he's never been one to turn down a challenge and will always do the unthinkable. Sure, it may scare you to death every now and then to know he's probably somewhere jumping skyscraper to skyscraper, but he is doing it to save you.

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  • 5

    He'll put his life on the line for you.

    Okay, so in most cases this would be considered a cliché, but Four is completely serious when he says he'd "die for you." It's actually quite sweet, in a sort of, kind of scary way. A guy who's willing to go to the extremes of risking his own life for your own safety is the over-the-top chivalry we've all been looking for in a man, right?

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  • 6

    He owns his fears.

    Four's fears are his sexiest attributes, and here's why: Sure, he's a toughie on the outside and undoubtedly the most formidable leader of his faction, but doesn't knowing his flaws and fears make you want to kiss and hug him that much tighter?!

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  • 7

    He will never give up on you.

    He's strong willed and very confident in his abilities to lead and motivate. Those sort of characteristics are totally helpful in a relationship, especially for those moments when you're not sure of yourself and need someone to remind you that you are better and stronger than you think. Four makes the best man for that too!

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  • 8


    We're not the only ones who noticed Tris biting her lip at the sight of Four's backside. We are so with you, girl! Just the thought of being able to grace one of his biceps with our mortal hands makes us sweat!

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  • 9

    He isn't really a jerk.

    Okay, so Four was sort of a jerk to Tris in the beginning, but we think that's only because he wanted to toughen her up. Other than that, Four doesn't display qualities of a meanie and also isn't the type to betray your trust. He's not going to lead you on just to play games with your emotions.

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  • 10

    He knows how to really listen.

    Four concentrates a ton, and he's a serious observer. He doesn't let people like Eric get in the way of what he wants or things most important to him, like you. Which ultimately means he'd be great at giving you the attention you deserve and will actually be receptive to your problems and will try to help solve them.

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