We owe our thirst of Theo James entirely to the Divergent film series, which made its motion picture debut just two years ago in 2014. And now that the third installment, Allegiant, is finally here today (March 18), we can’t wait see Theo in action again as Tobias “Four” Eaton.

If you hadn't noticed already, Theo radiates with all the qualities of a natural-born bae: bedroom eyes, brawny build and a smexy smile that would give any unworthy movie-goer the theater sweats. (Yes, there is a name for it.)

But did you know Theo wasn’t the only one considered to play Four? In fact, these other eligible hotties were also tested for Four. Although it didn’t work out for these ten in the end, we promise Theo’s competition did not disappoint in the looks department.

Check the gallery above to see which hunks were this close to playing Four.