Teen heartthrob Austin Mahone has a brand-new commercial to promote Aquafina's Flavorsplash line of sparkling flavored water.

Which of Austin's songs did the company pick to promote their new product? Mahomies will already know the answer to this!

The song itself is 'Mmm Yeah' off Mahone's album 'Junior Year,' and as he mentioned in a recent interview, it's all about seeing a lady and thinking to yourself, "Mmmm, yeah" when she walks a past.

In the commercial, Mahone dances around on a giant spinning record player after being given a makeover by some sentient Aquafina water. It's cartoonish, but ultimately fun.

Set to appeal to teenagers, the water has been named with fun puns like Feelin' Good, Berry Loco and Color Me Kiwi. Are you sold?