Austin Mahone dropped his latest single "Do It Right" last night (September 2) on Twitter, which is his favorite place on the Internet to debut new music.

Although his last single, "Dirty Work," had a heavy funk influence, "Do It Right" is more of a mid-tempo R&B track. While there's a clear attempt to sound like Chris Brown on the song (which also features a rap from frequent Austin-collaborator Rob Villa), Austin more successfully channels Jesse McCartney circa his 2008 R&B-leaning pop release Departure. And that's not a bad thing. Poor Jesse McCartney will forever remain pop's unsung hero — but did you know he co-wrote Leona Lewis' massive hit "Bleedin' Love"?

"Do It Right" will be featured on Austin's upcoming debut LP, which he says will (finally!) see a release later this year. In an interview with Billboard he said, “I’m not sure if the album is definitely coming out in the fall, but it will be out before the end of the year. After the album drops, I’ll definitely be putting a tour together. I’m excited to get back on the road.”

He continued, saying it took him some time, but he's confident he finally found himself as an artist with his new album: "It was definitely a little bit difficult to get to this point, just because I wanted to find my sound and grow as an artist. I basically was just writing with a bunch of different producers and writers, just trying to find a bunch of songs that will take me to that next level. It was a process, but we’ve got most of the album done right now.”

Listen to "Do It Right" above.

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