If Austin Mahone can share a song he wrote for his grandmother—who died three years ago—with his nearly nine-million Twitter followers, don't you think it's time to finally call yours, or consider sending a card in the weeks leading up to Christmas?

Mahone, who released the dreamy, end-of-summer "On Your Way" earlier this month, moved to tap into his emotions with a follow-up, "No Far (a song for Mema)" that he posted to SoundCloud yesterday (September 23). Eyes dry? NOT FOR LONG.

The song, which seems to start with a voicemail recording from Mema, is light and airy, and pleads for just one more day with the woman. "'Cause every time I'd fall you'd pick me up and I'd feel better / And all the things you taught me that I'll hold with me forever / You're smiling down on me, I know it," Mahone gently croons over the track, which manages to evoke sentiment without sacrificing pop appeal. It's like a radio-friendly eulogy, and your neighborhood pastor would be hard-pressed to deliver something as lovely.

The song, which Mahone wrote and produced, was also an opportunity to connect with bereaved fans, who thanked the singer for his work. "I lost my grandma 2 weeks ago... This song makes me cry so much right now," one follower wrote, while another tweeted "Austin you are seriously the best grandson, and Mema IS so proud of you. Just remember Mema is always there."

Listen to the beautiful tune below, and CALL YOUR GRANDMOTHER.

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