The newest Beats by Dre commercial is a powerful look at athleticism, showing a bunch of different athletes working out, showing the viewer just how intense it can get.  It really takes the saying ‘No pain, no gain’ to the next level. The combination of superstar athletes (the commercial stars household names like LeBron James, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Zou ShiMing and Alexander Ovechkin) and the song playing in the background really calls attention to the necessity of the product at hand.

So, what’s the song? It’s called ‘Pay For It’ by Jay Rock featuring Kendrick Lamar and Chantal. Jay Rock is an American rapper from California who was signed to Top Dawg Entertainment in 2005. He is best known for being part of the hip-hop group Black Hippy, of which Kendrick Lamar is also a member.

Kendrick Lamar is often lauded for his storytelling skills in his writing, garnering him a number of Grammy nominations and critical acclaim. He shares the same record label as Jay Rock, and also grew up in California.

Watch the commercial above! You can also check out the first LeBron James featured Beats commercial here.