Google has yet another fantastic commercial on its hands with its latest year-in-review commercial that shows the different things people have searched for on the Internet using the search engine in the year 2014. From highlighting the many achievements of the human race in 2014 to the losses we suffered and the continued hope that human beings manage to maintain, it's a sobering, touching commercial -- something we've come to expect from Google's ads.

In the background of the commercial is an upbeat, electronica song that goes expertly with the video. What's the song? The song is 'Divinity' by Porter Robinson. Porter is a 22-year-old American electronic producer who just released his debut album 'Worlds' in Aug. 2014. As a producer, he is entirely self-taught, and draws much of his inspiration from different electronic sounds like those found in video games. He has toured with Skrillex, Deadmau5 and many others, often touring internationally as a headliner.

Check out the commercial and Porter's song, 'Divinity,' in the video posted above!