The latest North Face commercial does a great job demonstrating not only the durability and versatility of North Face outerwear, but it also shows a relationship between man and nature. The commercial shows a multitude of different environments — from snowy mountains to camp grounds to the New York City subway.

A song plays in the background: melodic, with a strong guitar presence, it's a song undoubtedly familiar to many. So, what’s the song? The song is ‘This Land is Your Land’ performed by My Morning Jacket. The song was originally written and recorded by music legend Woodie Guthrie (who was most recently featured in an episode of 'Sonic Highways,' Dave Grohl’s cinematic love letter to the history of the American music scene), but the version in this North Face commercial is by American rock band My Morning Jacket.

"The song’s almost like a magic spell and feels like it was born in your DNA,” lead singer Jim James told Rolling Stone, of the song. "You hear it when you’re so young — long before you know who Woody Guthrie is or why he wrote it — but you usually don’t hear the original recording. You usually hear some camp counselor play it on a guitar or something. But that’s the cool thing about it: You can’t f--- it up. It’s so easy and beautiful that I feel like anybody at any level can make it their own.”

Check out the commercial above!