The campaign against Apple continues with the latest Windows commercial for their new multi-use tablet-slash-laptop, called the Lenovo Yoga 3, features the device having a dance-off with a MacBook air. What's the song, you ask?

The song is none other than 'Neckbrace' by electronic rock duo Ratatat. The song comes from their fourth studio album, appropriately titled 'LP4,' which was originally released in 2010. 'Neckbrace' is the perfect song for the commercial, with its cool drumbeat and experimental sounds, there are no actual vocals which really causes the viewer to focus on the product.

Ratatat consists of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud. Their 2004 debut album garnered high praise and underground popularity, allowing the band to tour with huge acts like Modest Mouse, Daft Punk, Bjork, Vampire Weekend and The Killers -- just to name a few.

Check out the commercial above, and listen to the track in its entirety below!