If you thought a few familiar faces popped up in the new 'The Sounds of AHH' Coke commercial, you were right: Zendaya, Max Schneider, Kurt Schneider and Kina Grannis are all singing the sweet sounds of 'Safe and Sound' as they drink the bubbly soft drink and use the bottles and glasses as instruments. Pretty cool!

It all started when YouTube sensation Kurt Schneider partnered with Coca-Cola to film a series of commercials based on hit songs, and brought in his brother Max, Zendaya and Kina to collaborate with him on the cover of Capital Cities' 'Safe and Sound.' When speaking with Coca-Cola last year, Schneider revealed what the process was like to make music with everyone's favorite cola.

"…I’d never made music with Coke bottles, so I was really excited about this project," he explained. "The recording process was challenging because liquid evaporates over a very short amount of time. You couldn’t notice by looking at the liquid, but if you let it sit for 15 minutes, the pitch would become slightly warped. So it took time to get the notes in tune and also to get the right range of pitches."

Interesting! Check out the awesome commercial above.