Let's be honest here. The Kids' Choice Awards, now in their 27th year, are about one thing: the slime.

The awards are fun and all, but we all tune in to watch our fave celebs and pop stars get slimed.

There's nothing funnier than seeing a star get clobbered with green goo. It looks like so much fun that we wish we were there getting slimed, too! During tonight's (March 29) broadcast, Kaley Cuoco, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson got hosed, while host Mark Wahlberg spent the whole show trying to avoid it. Did he get his?

Find out by seeing the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards slime victims in GIF form right here.

Wahlberg tried hard to stay slime-free and was successful.

Pharrell Williams suited up in what looked like hazmat attire, but Cuoco had her shorts suit ruined by green gunk.

Wily Wahlberg was able to avoid the slime again...

...Mahone and Simpson? Not so much.

Poor Austin! His hair -- how's he gonna get that green goop out?

Poor Cody! His hair -- how's he gonna get that green goop out? #Male PopStarsWithGoodHairProblems.

The Slime Rodeo! We so wanted to participate.

Oh, and they got him! Wahlberg was crushed by slime.