Brace yourselves for some serious throwback vibes, 5SOS Fam! 5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford shared photos from their childhood -- and they're everything we hoped they would be. Check them out in the photo gallery above.

Michael was the first to share a yearbook photo, tweeting "Hey ladies" along with the adorable snap. Ashton quickly got in on the action, sharing his own photo and noting, "this is me back in my spikey hair days I was about 14 I think."

Take a moment to enjoy the perfection of those pictures, because we have even more throwback deets from 5 Seconds of Summer. Last spring, Michael and Ashton also spilled to PopCrush about the mix-tapes they made for ladies when they were younger. Here's what they included:

Ashton: "It would have been like year eight, so I was into really like… there would have been a bit of Green Day, there would have been some Mayday Parade. I think think even some ‘Hey There Delilah.’"

Mikey: "Oh, that’s good. Mine, I was like year six or year five or something. I think mine had Eminem. Pretty sure it had Delta Goodrem."

And there you have it! Fire up some 'Hey There Delilah' and check out Michael, Ashton and more celebs' old photos in the gallery above!