Confession: We've had 5 Seconds of Summer's 'She Looks So Perfect' music video on repeat for a few weeks now. However, we were willing to pause the ridiculously catchy track long enough to talk to guitarist Michael "Mikey" Clifford and drummer Ashton Irwin.

The guys gave PopCrush all of the details on the inspiration for the 'She Looks So Perfect' visual, as well as making embarrassing mixtapes and what it was like to work with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

And when the conversation got a little weird (yep, we talked about socks!), Mikey and Ashton were as charming as ever.

How did you come up with the idea to have all of those people strip down in the 'She Looks So Perfect' video?

Ashton: I think we’ve never wanted anything more than for people to get nude in a video of ours. I don’t know -- the director, Frank Borin, came to us with the idea and we’re like, “That’s absolutely perfect.” He’s like, “Yeah, the song should put people in a craze and make them want to take their clothes off.” And I was like, “Sounds good.”

Mikey: And then we just knew.

In the song you guys talk about making a mixtape for a girl. Have you ever done that?

Ashton: Yeah, I have.

Mikey: I have too.

Ashton: I think that’s one of the most important things to me, a girl’s music tastes.

Mikey: I think I put a lot of the songs that I liked and I’m pretty sure she didn’t like any of them.

Can you guys share any of those songs?

Ashton: It would have been like year eight, so I was into really like... there would have been a bit of Green Day, there would have been some Mayday Parade. I think think even some ‘Hey There Delilah.’

Mikey: Oh, that’s good. Mine, I was like year six or year five or something. I think mine had Eminem. Pretty sure it had Delta Goodrem. Do you know who Delta Goodrem is?

I recognize her name.

Mikey: Oh, well that’s good enough. It’s pretty embarrassing, anyway.

What Eminem songs were on this mixtape? What angle were you going for?

Mikey: Mine was ‘Stan.’ Do you know that one? It’s that one, the slow one. [Sings a line.]

I heard that you guys are working on an album right now.

Mikey: Yeah, we’ve been working on an album for the past year and a half.

Do you have any idea when it will be ready?

Mikey: It’s basically ready. We’ve got all of the songs recorded and written and now we’re just doing finishing touches.

Can you give us any idea of when your fans will know more?

Ashton: We’re trying to keep it under wraps right now. But what want the album out about halfway through this year.

That’s exciting! The fans will get something very soon.

Ashton: The EP is out in April in the US.

What can you tell us about the sound?

Mikey: It’s all quite relevant to the single. The single is like a good way of --

Ashton: Judging what the sound will be.

Mikey: Yeah.

Watch 5 Seconds of Summer's 'She Looks So Perfect' Video

Is there one song you’re really excited for fans to hear?

Ashton: Yeah, of course. I’m so excited for fans to hear a song called ‘Disconnected.’

Mikey: Yeah.

Ashton: We wrote it with one of our favorite band’s singers. His name is Alex [Gaskarth] from All Time Low… I think that song is a really different touch to the album and the EP, and I'm just really excited. It’s really drum-based, so that’s my job.

What was it like working with Alex?

Mikey: It was amazing. Him and All Time Low are basically the reason I started playing guitar and singing, so to get the opportunity to write with him, it’s just insane. We’re just so lucky. We can’t thank everyone who got us the opportunity to do that enough.

Speaking of people who are really supportive of you, I know One Direction are huge fans. They’ve been writing for a ton of different artists. Is there any chance that they’ll collaborate with you, either writing or contributing vocals?

Mikey: Well, not on this album for us.

Ashton: They’re actually busy writing their next album as well. They’ve got to write their own music right now, but maybe one day. Who knows?

Mikey: Yeah, maybe one day.

Ashton: We’re definitely open to it.

Lastly, I have a question a fan tweeted us. She wants to know who in the band sleeps with your socks on?

Mikey: Oh, I don’t know. Wait, hold on. Wait. To the other members of the band: Do either of you guys sleep with your socks on?

Ashton: No, they don’t. I sleep with my socks on sometimes.

Mikey: I don’t.

So Ashton does sometimes, but everyone else doesn’t?

Ashton: That is fact.

Mikey: I’m dead nude. All the time.

Ashton, do you get freaked out when your feet are really cold?

Ashton: Nothing better than the feeling of some warm feet.

Do either of you have any favorite socks?

Ashton: I’m really into cotton.

Mikey: I’m currently wearing Mr.Men socks and I think these are my favorite. I’m into socks that aren’t odd. It’s a good day if you’re not wearing odd socks.

Anything else you want to pass along to your fans?

Mikey: Just thank you everyone who has supported us.

Ashton: We can’t wait to come see you on tour and we love you lots.

Mikey: Love you guys so much!