5 Seconds of Summer bring out the inner vampire in them in this new track titled 'Daylight,' which is bundled with the new 'Amnesia' EP that was released in Australia on Sept. 5.

The song is an upbeat punk pop tune comparing a girl in their sights with a blood-sucking vampire and even name drops the movie 'Twilight.' The first verse includes, "She's got a method of killing / Pulling you in like you're gonna start kissing / Fooling around until you've lost all feeling / Sucking your blood until your heart stops beating."

'Daylight' then goes into the chorus, "Before we started, it was over / I feel our bodies getting colder / She gives me, a feeling that I can't fight / And it's the road that leads to nowhere / But all I want to do is go there / She's got me, running from the daylight."

5 Seconds of Summer are currently touring the U.S. with One Direction as their opening act on the Where We Are Tour. Next year, they'll be going on the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour which will hit the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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