When it comes to superheroes, we gladly leave the task of saving the world to 5 Seconds of Summer. In their new video for 'Don't Stop,' the four guys -- Luke, Calum, Mikey and Ashton -- suit up to tackle the most dangerous of everyday tasks.

We love watching the band as they individually complete valiant assignments, like helping find a lost cat, stopping a wall from being covered in graffiti, picking up litter and even assisting an elderly lady as she crosses the street!

However, when the foursome team up, their super powers can't be stopped! They're soon saving damsels in distress, fighting off bad guys and just, in general, doing superhero stuff. In other words, it's totally awesome!

5 Seconds of Summer clearly had a blast embracing their alter egos and showing their sense of humor! They can come rescue us any day.

Check out 5 Seconds of Summer saving the world in the video above!