5 Seconds of Summer are best known for the raucous, uptempo jams that are all over their self-titled debut, with songs like "Don't Stop" evoking the best of golden-era pop punk. Today (July 17) they've released "She's Kinda Hot" and it's immediately clear that the band wants to explore the "pop" aspect of "pop punk."

"My girlfriend's bitchin 'cause I always sleep in / She's always screamin' when she's calling her friend / She's kinda hot though / Yeah she's kinda hot though," Luke Hemmings sings over Michael Clifford's acoustic (!!) guitar line. The drumbeat flirts with hip-hop — for a few seconds it sounds like a Sugar Ray song had a baby with the Violent Femmes' "Blister In the Sun." But then Clifford's electric fuzz kicks in around the 50-second mark to remind us that they still know how to make glorious noise.

In the first verse of "She's Kinda Hot," the boys seems to be over the initial infatuation they captured in their breakout single, "She Looks So Perfect" ('kinda hot' IS kind of a downgrade from 'so perfect', just saying). Yet in the next verse, they switch lanes to explore a theme they've made their name on: Going against the grain.

"My friend left college 'cause it felt like a job / His mom and dad both think he's a slob / He's got a shot though / Yeah, he's got a shot though," before announcing their mantra in the joyful chorus: "We are the new kings and queens of the new broken scene / Yeah we're alright, though." It's territory rock bands have been exploring for decades, but 5SOS proudly carry the torch on "She's Kinda Hot."

The lyric video is a mishmash of graffiti stencils, adorable scratch tattoos and pop art graphics that works in harmony with the playful, punk-lite elements of the track — it's easy to instantly imagine these graphics as stickers covering every visible surface of fan's notebooks and lockers.

You can buy the song on iTunes now. And here's the most important question: Is "She's Kinda Hot" everything you hoped for? How do you like the visuals in the lyric video? We want to hear from 5SOS fam.