UPDATE, 7/17: The lyric video is here! Listen to "She's Kinda Hot" now and let us know what you think.

5 Seconds of Summer have been teasing fans with the hash #5HONTHEWALL since July 9, and today (July 15) they turned the promo up to 11 with an all-day tweetfest. The band tweeted the URL www.5onthewall.com, which unveils a pop-punk cheerleader with a fox head (you know, like "foxy." See what they did there?) obscured by digitally-created "TV static." Later, Ashton wrote, "Not long now." Not long until WHAT? The suspense was enough to make one wonder if they were about to release some high-concept surprise visual album, Beyonce-style.

Finally, the news was revealed — no surprise album, but a surprise single is on the way, and soon. This Friday, to be exact. The dudes shared the update in a YouTube video, with Luke Hemmings saying we can all expect the lyric video in two days. The rest of the band, being their typical ridiculous selves, arrive in forklifts and golf carts to help record the rest of the message. Those guuuuuys.

"We hope you guys like it, it really sets the direction for the new album. We had a lot of fun making the video, we hope you enjoy that," guitarist Michael Clifford chimes in. Ashton Irwin closes out the greeting, amid semi-irritating fake video glitches (do 18-21 year olds even remember tube televisions and VHS? This part feels like an inauthentic style choice).

So, mystery solved, and there's a happy ending to this story — new 5SOS is just days away.

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