Nick Lachey's former 98 Degrees bandmate Justin Jeffre learned that being in jail isn't one of "the hardest things" when it comes to fighting for a cause. Jeffre was recently thrown in the slammer after partaking in the Occupy Cincinnati protests in Ohio.

On Sunday, Oct. 23, Jeffre was arrested along with 10 other protestors who were occupying Fountain Square in Cincinnati. Jeffre and the other demonstrators were charged with "criminal trespassing and prohibitive use of the square," according to

"I spent the night in jail, and it was not fun," said Jeffre, who resides in Clifton Heights, Ohio. "But it was the place to be if you are standing up for free speech." As the article points out, a lot of singers have been inspired to write music when they are feeling blue behind bars, but Jeffre said this was the case for him. "I didn't feel like singing in there," he said.

Although 98 Degrees haven't released a song in years, Jeffre also said that a lot of his cellmates recognized him from his boy band days. "Everyone was very nice," he said. In between offering his jailmates slices of pizza, Jeffre told the publication, "Nothing is more important that standing up for what you believe in."

Jeffre, who ran for Cincinnati City Council a few years back and is very politically involved, pleaded not guilty to trespassing charges.