One person who was not the least bit impressed by Justin Bieber's PR stunt and video for 'Beauty and a Beat' is Aaron Carter.

The former teen sensation, once the bone of contention between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, tweeted his distaste for the video, which should cause Beliebers to firebomb his Twitter account with messages of pure, unadulterated hate. He criticized The Biebs and intimated that it's a rip off of his 'Aaron's Party' video, which is something that won't sit well with the Bieber faithful.

Below are Carter's tweets about the video. He didn't say much in direct fashion, but there was venom behind that digital transmission. You can certainly sense his annoyance.

Are there some similarities between the videos? Sure, thanks to the party scenes, but it's nothing that looks directly lifted. And party scenes in pop videos are nothing new.

Plus, The Biebs isn't wearing a hideous fur coat in his clip. Instead, he has turned in a pop music video, largely told from a first person digital perspective. So Aaron, we're sorry you're not impressed, but the rest of the Internet is, since clip was viewed nearly 11 million times in 24 hours. Oh, and a word of warning. Brace for Belieber impact.



Watch the Aaron Carter 'Aaron's Party' Video

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Beauty and a Beat' Video