Because it is a great time to be alive, both Adam Lambert and Madonna recently dropped "Ghost Town" songs. Whose is your fave?

True story: We loved Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" before we ever even heard the full thing -- back when Adam was just teasing us with super intriguing teaser clips. But now that he released the full song (prayer hands emoji) it's even better than we expected. The track's verses are slow, sultry and mysterious, but things really kick up on the chorus, which offers a dynamic, whistling beat that somehow just adds to that romantic feeling of being alone. If this track is a promise of what's to come on his upcoming new album, The Original High, then we cannot freaking wait to hear it. Listen to Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" below.

Madonna's "Ghosttown" is definitely one of our favorite songs on her latest release, Rebel Heart. Now that we've watched her apocalyptic music video on repeat, we can't un-see the idea that the song is about two people surviving a nuclear attack -- especially when the Queen of Pop belts out the chorus: "When it all falls / When it all falls down / We'll be two souls in a ghost town." We love the idea of the romance behind a ghost town -- just you and your love ready to survive whatever the chaos may bring. Listen to Madonna's "Ghosttown" below.

Whose "Ghost Town" song do you like better? Cast your vote for Adam Lambert or Madonna in the poll below.

Listen to Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town"

Listen to Madonna's "Ghosttown"

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