It’s been a long three years, three months, and two weeks since the release of Adele’s last studio album, ’21.’ But who’s counting? Luckily, our patience may finally pay off, as Adele dropped a big album hint on Twitter.

The 'Someone Like You' star is celebrating her 26th birthday today (May 5), waving goodbye to the first quarter century she now has tucked under her belt. Last night, with only a half hour left in the day, the then-25-year-old pulled up Twitter and dropped a major tease for her followers.

Along with a makeup-free selfie, Adele tweeted that even though she was about to part ways with 25, her and the number aren’t quite finished.

That might not mean much to your Average Joe, but fans of the superstar know that her first two albums, ’19’ and ‘21’ were titled the age during which she wrote them. Has Adele spent the last year secretly working on her next album? (And raising her son Angelo, of course!)

Considering the whispered rumors that have been floating around for a fall 2014 album, combined with the not-so-mysterious birthday clue, it seems like the British singer's fans will be granted new hits sometime soon.

It’s pretty nice of her to provide us with such a great gift on her own birthday! Happy Birthday, Adele!