Music superstar Adele recently caught up with PopCrush Nights host Kayla Thomas for a chat about the singer's stunning new album, motherhood, memes and more.

When asked which track on her new record, 30, is most sentimental to her, the artist revealed that her song "My Little Love," on which she addresses Angelo, her 9-year-old son with ex-husband Simon Konecki, was the most vulnerable song she worked on for the album.

"Probably 'My Little Love,' [which is] the one that I wrote for my son," she shared. "It's incredibly vulnerable, me sort of admitting obviously not only to myself and most importantly him, but also to so many that I don't know by putting it on my record, that I wasn't doing a great job, you know, emotionally as his mum."

Adele explained that though "it was a very short period of time" in which she wasn't fully there for her son, she was "just mortified in the moment that I couldn't access my emotions for him."

"It's about him so that's why it's so sentimental, but also it's just so vulnerable. I feel like it's sometimes hard for mums to admit that," Adele added.

On a lighter note, the "Easy On Me" singer also dished on her favorite meme about herself. The internet will certainly be excited to learn that not only does the musician see all the memes about her, but her personal favorite is the iconic Adele-hiding-in-a-bush meme.

"It's the one where I'm in the bush from SNL," she shared, laughing. "It made me laugh when I first saw it because I didn't know that the camera was on me at that point. I thought the camera would swing to me when I started actually singing 'Hello' from inside this bush, but they had it already on me and I was waiting which is why I look so bloody ridiculous and uninterested and satisfied."

The artist added that the meme "really reminds me of the famous one of Kim Kardashian popping out from behind a bush."

Listen to the full PopCrush Nights video interview with Adele, below:

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