Forget Mr. Darcy, Edward Rochester or Heathcliff: History's most romantic figure is now officially Simon Konecki.

Konecki, Adele's boyfriend of five years and father to the couple's young son, Angelo, flipped the script on the singer Sunday (October 16) during a Nashville stop along the Adele Live tour. Typically at shows' end, Adele's set rains down white confetti, onto which particularly meaningful lyrics are scribbled. "It matters how this ends," "Everybody loves the things you do" and "Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made" are just a few of the sentiments fans have captured falling from the sky during recent sets.

But in honor the couple's fifth anniversary, Konecki worked his way into production and replaced Adele's poetry with his own mini-love letters to his beloved. And this time, Adele was showered in pink instead of white, and messages that read "You are an angel" and "I love you."

"We got pink confetti tonight, this confetti is normally white," Adele observes dryly in footage from the moment above. She wouldn't get the hows or whys until later on.

Some fans soaked in the beautiful moment, observing "that is the sweetest thing ever!" and "that was a stroke of genius" via Twitter. Others, meanwhile, reacted this way:

What do you think — is this, indeed, pop culture's most romantic gesture? Share your thoughts on Konecki's move in the comments.

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