Back on Sunday October 18, an under-the-radar preview for an upcoming little song premiered during The X Factor, resulting in a moderate amount of people getting somewhat excited for the song's release. That song was "Hello" by Adele. You know, no big deal.

Within just under two months since it was teased on the British music competition, the record-breaking track, which has become the first song to achieve over a million digital sales in a week, has made a prodigal return to the show on which it was initially introduced—this time, however, there ain't no preview clip. This is the real deal.

Tonight the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and best-selling British artist of the decade graced the stage during The X Factor finale show, where she brought down the house with a powerful performance of the now-iconic, emotional hit single off 25 (XL Recordings).

According the reports by The Mirror, the acclaimed songstress did not perform live during the televised segment of the performance, and instead allegedly recorded her special performance beforehand. The Mirror also reports that when asked about what sort of advice she would offer the contestants on the show, Adele responded, "Just always go with your own instinct. I've always gone on what I have thought." (To be fair, if we were Adele, we'd just go with our instinct, too.)

As for the winner of the show, 17-year-old Louisa Johnson (who was mentored by British pop singer/model Rita Ora) was announced as the champion this evening. You can check out her performance of R. Kelly's 90s hit "I Believe I Can Fly" below:

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