With her pregnancy now public knowledge, Adele has set about attending to some very important, pre-birth duties and that's decorating the nursery. Rumor has it that the 'Rumor Has It' singer is renovating her swanky digs in order to create a nursery that is situated next to her bedroom.

Mr. Paparazzi reports that the singer was waiting for permission from the local planning board to make the changes to the home. A source said, “Adele is delighted she’s finally got the planning permission through — it couldn’t have come at a better time. She went through the usual tedious months of waiting for the council to grant her permission to change the house. Now it’s going to be a real dream home for her and her new family.”

The insider said that Adele plans to spend around a half-million dollars renovating the home so that it's perfect for her firstborn.

That's one lucky kid!

Additionally, Diffuser pointed out that Adele did tell Vogue last year that she has a desire for male heirs! She said, "Like, if I ever have children, I want five boys. Boys love their mothers, whereas girls can be so mean to each other."

Whether it's the desired boy or a little girl, let's hope Adele's little one is as healthy as can be!

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