Hello, Adele. Goodbye, existing Billboard record.

Though the singer originally thought her new song, "Hello," had flopped when it was released last month, we can now officially say the inverse is true—according to Billboard, Adele's first single off the forthcoming 25 shattered the record for digital downloads sold in a week. Flo Rida, whose "Right Round" sold more than 600,000 units in 2009, previously held the title, but Adele nearly doubled his effort with more than 1.1 million copies downloaded.

"Hello" is also the first song to sell more than one-million copies in a week, which means—in case it wasn't clear—it'll debut atop the Hot 100. "Rolling in the Deep," "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire to the Rain" have also reached the top spot.

And the United Kingdom seems to be under the singer's spell, too—"Hello" proved to be the biggest single in three years, according to Official Charts. The song sold 333,000 during its first week and notched 7.32 million plays via streaming services, nearly doubling the existing streaming record.

“The success of ‘Hello’ this week underlines what an extraordinary artist Adele is—a once in a generation artist, who appeals to kids, teenagers, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandads," Offical Charts Chief Executive Martin Talbot said. "To make such an impact, across both streams and sales, is the sign of a truly universally popular artist."

Surprised to hear "Hello" is performing so well? Tell us how you think it stands up to Adele's previous tracks.

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