Adele's 'Rumour Has It' is quite a throwback. It's a rhythmic song that starts with a military-influenced drum beat, thudding bass, some "oooohs" and Adele ripping into her ex-lover about how "she" can't love you like I do with that voice that has moved millions of copies of '21' throughout 2011.

The song has got a mod, '60s essence, infused with Adele's signature heartbreak soul and handclaps. It's very girl group and totally Motown, but Adele is the only star of this show. Her voice is the fire that we all crowd around for warmth when we've gotten our hearts torn out. Songs like 'Rumour Has It' have established Adele as the patron saint of broken heart.

Mid-song, Adele slows thing down and puts the song's percussion and handclaps on hold for a moment, while she laments the relationship and shows her vulnerability. She then delivers the lyrical haymaker, "Just 'cause I said it don't mean that I meant it / Just 'cause you heard it." Ouch. That'll knock the wind out of you.

There's an overall scratchy production value that makes it sound like it was put to tape years ago, and it's a charming, old-fashioned quality that adds to the song's already potent punch.

Guys, once again, we remind you. Don't mess with Adele's heart. She'll take you out, repeatedly, over the course of an album. While it might suck for the British soul diva on a personal level, it sure makes for great music. The sales numbers don't lie, and neither do the Grammys.


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