Adele is in the U.S., but not to perform! She has undergone throat surgery in the great state of Massachusetts. Her condition has caused the British chanteuse to table several rounds of tour dates in the U.S. and forced her to cancel all appearances through the end of 2011. And that's why Adele has gone under the knife to correct the recurrent problem that has been getting in the way of her promotional efforts for her best-seller '21.'

The only good thing about Adele's tours being repeatedly postponed? It ups the excitement for when she finally does come over to perform. Her tour will be an event!

The Boston Herald reports (via The Associated Press) that Adele underwent vocal cord laser microsurgery to staunch bleeding from a benign polyp. The condition occurs due to unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord region which are at risk to rupture. A spokesman for Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed the news.

Adele traveled to Boston for the surgery so she could be operated on by Dr. Steven Zeitels, director of the hospital's Voice Center. Zeitels said he expected Adele to make a full recovery, so we will hear that beautiful voice again!

Get better soon Adele. We miss you and your beautiful voice. We hope someone is waiting on you hand and foot while your throat heals.