It's official: Adele's wistful, nostalgic-inflected track "When We Were Young" will serve as the follow-up single to her massive hit "Hello."

Billboard reports that the song has already risen on the Adult Pop Songs chart in its second week, going from 34-23, indicating that the decision to release “When We Were Young” as a single is a good one (though, admittedly, it would probably make sense to release any 25 track as a single at this point).

According to Nielsen Music, the song has already moved over 150,000 downloads, which makes it the second best selling song off Adele's record-breaking 25, bested only by the explosive “Hello.” That song, by the way, has sold over 3.1 million copies and has remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six weeks so far.

Adele first debuted “When We Were Young" via a live version she recorded at London's Church Studios for an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes Australia. She’s since performed the song for various television performanceswhich bolstered rumors that the song would be released as the album's next single.

25 has broken countless records since its initial release, a mere three weeks ago. Not only did it decimate NSYNC's long-standing first-week sales record by moving over 3 million copies, but Billboard reports that 25 has already sold over 5 million copies.

Even more impressively, this week marks 25’s third week of moving over 650,000 copies, making it the first album to sell over 650,000 copies during each of its first three weeks since Nielsen Music started recording album sales back in 1991.

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