This is the voice!

We're back with night two of the blind auditions, and the first audition of the night is a pretty young thing named Adriana Louise from Brooklyn, N.Y. We've seen it all before, a beautiful girl who just can't get the chair to turn around. Will the same happen to Adriana?

Nope! Shockingly, all four of the coaches turned around at one point or another during her high energy performance of Jessie J's 'Domino,' and while we found her a bit pitchy at times, the coaches thought otherwise and gave her a standing ovation. They're the professionals ...

We couldn't help but think Christina Aguilera was going to get sassy with the young Louise considering she was rocking Xtina's signature red lips and white bandage dress, but she actually went gaga over the performance. "I mean, we belong together, it's just a match made in heaven," said Aguilera to Louise as she stood up. "There's no battle [between the other judges]."

Louise does have a strong voice, and one that can be worked with and nurtured, but we found her constant exclamations of "Oh my God, Christina Aguilera's talking to me" and "Oh my God, Adam Levine is begging me for things" kind of annoying.

We're not jealous, though. We swear.