Adriana Louise was coach Christina Aguilera's "save" last week during 'The Voice' live results show, and needless to say, it was kind of a shocking save, considering many thought it'd be De'borah.

The pop singer opted for 'Good Girl' by Carrie Underwood, and her sass was present during rehearsals with her coach. But would the singer who is typically lackluster on stage come through this time ... when it's America who determines if she stays or goes?

Perfectly pretty in a short gold dress and a half up, half down hair style, the first few notes of Adriana's performance were good, but she fell apart during the verse. Instead, she came across as a beauty pageant contestant struggling with the talent portion of the competition. Think 'Miss Congeniality' style.

But thankfully, Louise picked it up toward the end and showed that she's improving on her vocals, albeit slowly. She then proceeded to to playfully walk over to Adam Levine and seductively sing in his face. Literally in. His. Face.

And then we went into protective mode and have to cut the recap of her performance short to not appear biased. He's ours!