Amanda Bynes has accepted a plea deal in her DUI case. She will serve three years of probation, attend an alcohol education course and pay a fine.

This is good news for the troubled star, who made headline after headline in 2012 for her erratic behavior, which included a series of arrests, bizarre Twitter rants and unrecognizable photos of the one-time child star. In April 2012, following a series of driving-related incidents, Bynes allegedly sideswiped a police car in West Hollywood. The DUI charge was filed shortly after. In exchange for accepting the plea deal, the DUI charge will be dismissed.

In December 2013, Bynes completed an involuntary four-month stay at a psychiatric ward after allegedly setting a neighbor's driveway on fire. She currently lives with her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, who have legal control over her.

Since leaving rehab, the former Nickelodeon actress, who has reportedly been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, has kept a low profile while she recovers. We wish her all the best!