Amanda Bynes' parents are reportedly surrendering their conservatorship over their daughter, choosing instead to put the troubled star's health in the hands of a medical professional.

According to TMZ, Rick and Lynn Bynes are planning to surrender their conservatorship to  "a mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses," while another professional will have the power over the actress's finances. The site also reports that Bynes' parents are planning to move to Texas to be near their oldest daughter, Jill, and her family.

Rick and Lynn Bynes allegedly hope that by surrendering control of their daughter to professionals, the former Nickelodeon star will be able to have a better relationship with them. Since Bynes' recent release from the psychiatric facility where she was held for weeks, she has repeatedly lashed out against her parents in erratic Twitter rants.

As always, we wish the best for Amanda Bynes and her family during this difficult time.