'American Idol' contestant Eben Franckewitz, who hails from Ohio, rocks the ever-popular, side-swooped Justin Bieber bangs. That was a fact the teen quickly acknowledged when he stepped into his audition in Pittsburgh on tonight's episode of 'Idol.'

When Eben opened his mouth to sing Bill Withers' pretty yet somber tune 'Ain't No Sunshine,' he revealed quite a lovely, high register and ultimately interesting voice. Eben surely possesses a natural, God-given ability to sing. Some people are just born with it, and Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler think Eben is one of those blessed people, and he was unanimously up-streamed.

It was a nice touch by the producers to play the Biebs' smash hit 'Baby' after Eben found out that he got his golden ticket and would be going to the next round in Hollywood. His family was waiting outside the audition doors with colorful posters boasting his name. Aw, how cute. He had his own personal cheerleading team and cheering section!

Eben's mom is super supportive and in the pre-audition segment, we watched her tell him to let the other hopefuls do their thing and to make sure to do "Eben's thing" when it's his turn. Great advice, Ma Franckewitz.

Watch Eben Franckewitz Perform 'Ain't No Sunshine' on 'American Idol'