Bespectacled comedian and former 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Andy Dick was reportedly escorted from the ballroom last night (May 20) during the show's season finale after displaying some worrying behavior.

According to PEOPLE, Dick, who has long suffered from substance abuse problems, arrived at the ballroom "reeking of smoke," repeatedly running in and out of the bathroom (yelling "I have to pee!") and apparently even groped a member of the production staff.

An eyewitness told the magazine that several security guards stepped in to remove Dick from the ballroom, telling him "he had to go, and he said, 'Why? Because I'm drunk?'"

When Dick competed on the show for seven weeks during Season 16, he called 2013 the best year of his life because he was finally sober.

At the time, he dedicated his dance of the Viennese Waltz to his daughter, whom he had an estranged relationship with due to his struggle with addiction. But the dance, he said, was life-changing.

"This brought my daughter and I closer," he told PEOPLE at the time. "We've had an up and down time, so the dance I did for her was the biggest and best gift I could have ever given to us. Not just [my daughter], but me, too. It was so great."

According to the magazine, after Dick was evicted from the finale, he was not seen again during the rest of the show.