Settling pop's biggest feud will take some help from an unlikely source.

That's the word from Andy Samberg, who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (September 26). The comedian talked about the recent commercial he shot with Taylor Swift, saying he knows her, as well as her arch enemy, Katy Perry. So, you could argue he's caught in the middle, even though Perry has gone on record to apologize for anything that may have ruffled Swift's feathers.

Samberg, though, says he doesn't take anyone's side and remains optimistic that these two stars can settle their differences, noting that Jared Kushner is "brokering a peace accord. Yeah, it's right after peace in the Middle East for him." So, just relax, everyone. This crisis is about to become history.

Particularly Cutting Celeb-on-Celeb Disses:

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