Even celebrity parents aren't safe from TikTok trends, like the one that has people tricking their parents into thinking that their favorite celebrity died.

Angela Bassett's 16-year-old son, Slater Vance, participated in the trend recently by telling her that actor Michael B. Jordan passed away.

The two actors starred in Black Panther and the 2022 sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever together.

"Wait Mom, Dad, did you hear this? Michael B. Jordan dead at 35," Vance said as Bassett gasped in disbelief.

"Uh uh, uh uh," she said. "What?"

Vance later issued an apology on TikTok after deleting the original video.

"I would sincerely like to apologize for taking part in such a harmful trend. I apologize to Michael B. Jordan's entire family, his extended family, and him directly," he said.

He continued, "Taking part in a trend like this is completely disrespectful. I own this was a mistake and I hope this can be a teaching lesson to anyone else who uses social media as a tool and a source of entertainment to truly understand that your actions can have consequences."

He also called Jordan one of his "idols" and concluded, "I apologize for any hurt that my actions may have caused. I am truly, truly and sincerely sorry."

The trend has blown up on TikTok over the last month with thousands of videos going viral of people telling their parents a celebrity died.

In one video, a girl told her parents that Paul McCartney died, saying with a gasp, "Paul McCartney dead at 80!"

"No way! Sir Paul!" her dad exclaimed. "There's only one Beatle left."

"I’m with them I think these pranks are so mean," one person commented amid a sea of comments laughing at the video.

"She had to leave the room to cry after this," another person captioned a video of the prank where she told her mom Donny Osmond died.

"They always say no like it will bring them back," someone commented on a video of a mom reacting to Bobby Brown's fake death.

"This trend being treated as entertainment is so insensitive, what happened to never joking about anyone's death?? Tiktok gotta be the worst app ever," someone tweeted of the trend.

See more videos of the prank, below:

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