In this list of Anna Graceman songs, PopCrush is counting down the 'America's Got Talent' hopeful's best original tracks. When she first auditioned for 'America's Got Talent,' it was quite clear that this little pianist had a natural musical instinct and a larger-than-life voice to go along with it. The 11-year-old traveled all the way from her hometown of Juneau, Alaska to Atlanta, Ga. for a chance to appear on 'America's Got Talent,' and now she has advanced all the way to the Top 10. With awe-inspiring performances throughout the season, including an epic cover of Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' and a powerful rendition of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep,' Graceman has become a favorite this season. Check out our picks for the Top Five Anna Graceman Songs (all written by her!) and let us know if you are rooting for her on 'America's Got Talent'!

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    'Can We Figure It Out'

    'Can We Figure It Out' sounds like it could be an Adele song, with a simple yet emotional piano melody and lyrics about a strained relationship. The instrumental break in the song is catchy, and Graceman impresses us with her vocals by hitting huge notes.

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    'Dancing on Cobblestones'

    Unlike the other Anna Graceman songs on this list, she ditches her piano for a guitar this time around, showing that her musical talent stretches beyond the keys. 'Dancing on Cobblestones' is a light-hearted track, with Graceman singing about butterflies, colorful atmospheres, and letting all your cares float away.

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    'Broken Hearted (Acoustic Version)'

    Graceman says that 'Broken Hearted' is about "a couple from the woman's point of view, and she has had her heart broken and now she's upset." Proving she is well beyond her years, Anna Graceman continues, "I've never had a broken heart, I've never been in a relationship ... I'm just telling you what I think it feels like."

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    In this original track, Anna Graceman sings with passion and fervor over melancholy keys about how she wants to be "a superstar / Riding around in my fancy car." We have a feeling this dream may come true, whether she wins 'America's Got Talent' or not.

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    'Crazy World'

    Graceman explains that this song is "about two young people who are trying to fit in this crazy world." 'Crazy World' is super catchy, with Graceman's huge voice taking center stage, especially during the fast-paced, sing-along chorus.