It's common knowledge that Asher Roth is a pretty good rapper, but who knew that he likes to do yoga in his free time? In his new video for 'Common Knowledge,' the Morrisville, Pa., rhyme-slinger shows us what he likes to do when he's not on the mic.

The three-minute visual opens with Roth mediating and performing yoga on the roof. We then see the 'Summertime' rapper in various day-to-day activities, including spitting rhymes upside down, playing bongos, lighting sparklers and strolling the streets with a baseball bat. "Slick D---ies, no one can stay with me / Spit it out quick, as soon as the s--- hits me / Kill swiftly, been ill since Stick Stickley," he raps.

What does all of this mean? We don't know, except that Roth is a just a regular guy who likes to wear a cowboy hat with a hoodie. The song is banging and the dude has bars for days. If you like what you hear, the song can be found on Roth's new 'Pabst & Jazz' mixtape.

Watch the Asher Roth 'Common Knowledge' Video