We know, Beliebers, we know. Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' is perfect as is and can exist in a vaccum. However, that doesn't mean that a little remix action isn't warranted and fun.

The Biebs tweeted that the song is being remixed in triple team fashion. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth put their hands and their sonic stamp all over that piece and gave it some serious hip-hop heat. It was rumored that Chainz and Mac would be a part of the remix, but Roth was new news and good news, to boot.

The Biebs tweeted: "WHAT?!??! my bro @asherroth just sent me a verse for the ‪#BFREMIX‬ !! crazy! adding him to it! so dope. @2chainz @macmiller @asherroth ‪#REMIX." Hawt!

2 Chainz spoke to MTV about the remix. While he could say when it's dropping and wouldn't share any key deets about how it'll sound –- he didn't need to, actually, since with all that talent involved, it was already guaranteed to be banging -- he did say that he didn't need to get all G-rated since it's the Biebs. He said, "I'm able to express myself in different ways, so I enjoy doin' different records like that and not just hip-hop records, so it's cool."

The remix is definitely more street, with hardcore raps that go down easy. It's more about the cadence than the lyrics when it comes to the urban edge of the remix. The only thing that is recognizable in the verses is the descending beat that defines the opening of the song. In the verses, the remixers do their thang.

The Biebs is still there and omnipresent, mostly in the falsetto delivery of the chorus. There's some boasting, chest beating and bravado in the lyrics, but it's still charming and never obnoxious. There's even a reference to "Selena and Biebs!" Aw yeah. Lean back, lean back.

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Remix Feat. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller + Asher Roth