We thought Justin Bieber and Chris Brown getting guest verses on Asher Roth's track 'Actin Up,' was a bit left of center -- that was until we heard the chorus.

Roth raps, "Face down, a-- up / I don't really give a f--- / They say I ain't old enough / I be young and actin' up." We'd say the Biebs and Breezy are really taking to heart these days the rebellious message in the song.

Though Justin's feature didn't totally shock us, seeing as Roth is also managed by music industry wonderboy, Scooter Braun.

Justin's verse starts off strong with the teen heartthrob rapping, "Oh I, I gotta slow it down / Yeah I'm on the loose and I wont stop now / Cause I go so loud, and I go so wow." His rap lines then slowly devolve into, "I’m on some risky business /  I like women and French kisses / Mama told me do the dishes, but I'm here catching fishes." Does Justin think dodging household chores is really a sort of "acting up" he wants to be bragging about?

Breezy keeps it classy and pays homage to his many lady callers rapping, "I just had group sex on my new jet / So many pretty girls, I’m like who’s next." Yes, we get it. Girls still want to bed you... even with your reputation, Chris.

However, Asher Roth and Rye Rye's verses are barrels of fun, and this song is sure to get played at late night pool parties all over the world with its youthful appeal. Even rebels need a soundtrack to their 'Actin Up'!